Magento being one of the best ecommerce applications was launched in the year 2008, since then it becomes one of the most admired ecommerce platforms. It is build by making use of Zend framework. There are some basic requirements if all you have decided to install Magento to run your ecommerce store and that too without taking help of any Magento programmer.

System requirement
  1.  Linux, Window or Unix compatible operating system
  2.  Apache web server (1.x or 2.x)
  3.  PHP 5.2.13 or newer, with following add-ons
  4.  PDO/MySQL
  5.  MySQL 4.1.20 or newer
 6. Send mail compatible Mail Transfer Agent(MTA), sometimes if you don’t have an     access  to MTA, Magento will try to connect SMTP directly
Once you have got these entire basic system configuration requirements, we can start with the installation process. Basically you can even find an option of Magento installation in your web host account, if any than you can do it with a single click but if those options is not available or are not provided by your web host than all you can do is download a stable package from Magento ecommerce and save in your local hard drive.

Now as you have downloaded Magento software in zip format you are ready to upload it in your web server. You can accomplish the said task either by accessing your file manager or by FTP software. If you are to upload any such software make sure to upload it in root directory, normally such folder is named as “public_html” or you may even upload it in any of sub directories. Once after upload is complete you can extract those file from zip format.

Once after this entire step you have to create a database from MySQL which can be later used for configuration with Magento software. Are you confused about database creation? Make sure such option can be made available from your hosting control panel. There you can declare database name, its user name and password which later can be used in installation process of Magento. Well, let us start with installation process. Browse Magento wizard using the web browser - Select your time zone, territory and currency. Here you will be provided with an option to update with all information created earlier in terms of database name, username and password. Once after updating all these credential information you have to input your personal information along with administration login details. At last but not least you have to even write a script to generate encryption key, which later will be used to encrypt passwords, credit cards and other confidential information. In this way you can install Magento to your web server without any need of Magento programmer and enjoy all benefits provided by this open source to run your ecommerce store online. 

If you have decided to take your business to next level by getting it online than you should definitely think about how you are going to accomplish the said task? Here there arises a need for website development. One can either outsource their need of website development to any of corporate IT Company or may sometime hand it over to any of freelance web developer. As there are lots of options availble, it can be difficult for you to identifiy that which web development company you should choose or whom you should give your project. This thing entirely depends upon the marketing budget of the said company. If they have got a huge marketing budget they should definitely approach any of reputed Website Development Company or in case they have entered the business or might not manage such huge expense than they can very well should go for any of available freelance web developer.

Many seem to be getting confused in discovering whether they should approach a web development company or any of freelance web developers. Here let us discuss pros and cons of each to better get an idea of the same:

When you have set to hire any of freelance web developer all you can get benefit of outsourcing your project at competitive cost but any such web developers are not got communicator, as they never try to provide updates on regular basis. One should not even look for quality as those freelance web developers are busy in making money, so they may involve in activity where they can just interchange the module prepared for earlier such websites.

If you have decided to outsource your web development required to any of specific company than all you can expect your web needs to be fulfilled within TAT. Even such company normally has many talents to their credit where they all can work together to build a professional looking website. As per recent studies it is cleared that a freelance web developer may in time come across with much such opportunity which may put him in stage of dilemma. He will not be able to concentrate in his project and this may lead in final output being of lower quality.  

Anyway making a choice between a web developer and a Web development company entirely depends upon your requirements and budget. You should at least make sure those programmers have enough knowledge and experience about your niche.
Today mobile technologies are becoming appealing to such an extent they have housed in the heart of millions of people. It has become too much transparent that we today see it at every corner. As the market of Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry web apps clouds among the people, numerous companies are investing in this emerging mobile applications development industry and focus to offer best of the best service in this sector.

Developer should have take care of the important factors of mobile application design. There are some Here are some of the useful tips that will help you to develop the worth and avoid the worst mobile application.

* If you are the idea creator and already have an excellent idea of developing an appealing mobile application, then must keep in mind that you need to conduct thorough and granular research to see if any other application with similar requirements/features is already existed. If yes then next step is you need to reform and differentiate your ideas. One thing you make sure that whatever application/idea you have or going to develop is perfect to your business strategies.

* If your intention is to develop application for individual business, subpart of business or completely other businesses, then it is highly recommend you to assemble the overall understanding of the denoted audience. This is necessary to take the decisions for technology and designing more perfectly. If you are targeting global audience then the application you are going to develop should be polyglot.

* You need to have the basic knowledge of mobile application platform and somewhat programming. This becomes necessary because mobile platforms are different from one another so better is to select specific technology in order to run application on a particular platform.

* One of the important points where many do mistake is they do not take time into consideration. Today millions of competitors are searching the way to tap the market. So, for you it becomes highly significant to step forward in a timely manner. In the field of mobile applications development, making and launching the application on right time has been proved very important for the higher return of investment.

* Eventually, after the application developed and ready for launch, one should not forget to determine the cost of application. Analyze the similar application’s costs and then fix out a competitive rate accordingly that will become affordable for users.
Nowadays, the age is known as the age of mobile phone or smart phone. Since the last decade many smart mobile phones are introducing in the market by several mobile development companies. IPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian are considered as the most popular smart phones in the mobile market. But from all these smart phones iPhone and Android are the most demanding mobile phones among the mobile users. Moreover iphone application development has become a confirmed path of stable income today in market. This is all because of its exclusive and innovative applications. Many less number of mobile users thinks that what the app developers are using and what they need to have with them for application development. Developers of both the platform iphone and android require having Software Development Kit (SDK) with them for performing the task of application development and application testing.

First of all, a person needs to get registered with the Apple as an iphone app developer to get the iphone SDK. The SDK kit includes iPhone Simulator and in simple language we can say that it is iPhone operating system on computer. It is the device that is used by the app developers for testing their developed iphone applications without uploading or downloading any software on iphone before submitting them to the App Store for final release. Different simulators supports different operating system and all of them don’t have same features and functionality. The features, functions and the user-interface of the applications gets vary slightly with how they get operated in actual iPhone device.

Apple Inc. has launched the iPhone Simulator with iPhone SDK tool and developers can get other versions of simulators online also. Along with the iphone app developer, now the website designers or developers are also making the use of simulators to verify how their design or website will look on iphone screen. A developer can get the popular and free online iphone simulator from - an official site. But the developers’ experience of scrolling and zooming on iphone simulator may be different from what they experience in real iPhone.
To choose template for the website is always putting web developers and web development company in the thinking because if the appearance and navigation of the site is not proper then how will you attract customers / visitors to the site. Company / Business always work hard and spend so many valuable hours for making their products and services better in the perspective of the customers but spend very few hours to select right template for their online presence through website. If the site is not good then how will the business come through website which is nowadays most important source to earn money in efficient way?

Free web templates are very common which have not extra ordinary features in it. These types of poor templates also create bad impact of the business on the mind of customer who is responsible factor to decrease in the sales.

Advice is that always choosing web development company for the making of template because they have their experienced employee which have knowledge about the market and different sites so they will guide you, how to create a template according the  requirements of the site. If you want to make more specific website template then go for the customized web development where you will meet all your needs to make perfect template for the site but when you go for custom website design consider cross browser compatibility becuase it is very important factor of website designing. Don’t forget to find out the reputation of that web development company in the market which will help to give professional look to the template.

Magento no doubt is one of the best ecommerce platforms to run entire ecommerce business online but still it has some draw backs looking to search engine point of view. Today we are going to talk about all such draw backs which Magento developers should consider and way to make Magento platform a more search engine friendly to make most out of them.               

  1. Majority of all such website face problem of link canonicalization basically speaking such problem persist when the website runs in both the possible version of domain i.e. with www and without www. Here all you have to do is redirect one version (may be most preferred one) to an another version of domain with the help of .htaccess file
  2. Those entire magento platforms comes with default title as “Magento commerce”, here you should make sure to replace them with your most preferred keyword. All those keywords at the beginning of the title gets more exposure from end users and even from search bots
  3. One of the most important on page aspects in Magento is to disallow your non production environment from search engine and this can be achieved by updating default robots to no index, no follow
  4. You can even optimize your images uploaded at Magento platform by adding relevant alt tag to them. This will increase their chances of being placed at top of search when a search query is done through image search.
  5. Try to clean your code on template by moving that JavaScript and CSS file to an external path, this will even increase the page load time of your website. 
  6. You can even facilitate easily crawling of your entire store by creating XML sitemap from catalog.

There are many benefits of having website and through which you can get global presence and visibility. As you know success doesn’t come to you, you need to run behind success and chase the same. So here are some essential measures through which you can chase a good success peak.

Design Graphics for Web Application: Designing a Graphic is the core step you can say, shape and style of your website can be defined. Starting from Logo designing, resolutions, headers, navigation and footers and you can say one of the crucial processes of website development. If you go for professional website development company or freelance web developer for designing then it will be more beneficial.

Navigation Structure: Navigation is also important aspect of website designing, good and efficient navigation structure helps user in surfing your website.  It also reduces bounce rate of your website. So navigation should be easy and efficient. Linking should be done according to the norms of marketing.

Content of Website: On the other hand when you have strong graphic and navigation structure you should then focus on your website content. Maintain relevancy in content on page and should be interesting enough that share knowledge.

Marketing: When your website is ready to launch, you can go for marketing strategy that help in giving awareness of your business and business products. Basically you can start with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that helps in getting global visibility and ranking in search engine within short time. Then you can go for various other strategies for Internet Marketing.

Maintenance: Last but not the least step of website designing and development is maintenance, developed website needs maintenance and update at regular interval. You can go for annual maintenance with the website development company that updates the same.
All those who are connected with the web in one or another way may be well aware about the importance of website design. A well designed website is always welcomed by end users and at the same time search engine crawlers finds it easy to crawl them. Looking to the ever growing importance of website design, it is must to at least gather some basic knowledge in terms of stages or process before hiring any such website designers. Knowing all this will help you to track progress of your entire website design service. Further you can get your website live much more quickly than it would otherwise.

Different segments of Website Design:               

Gathering required information: This phase of entire website design seems to be of prime importance, here design from each aspects of business should be considered, even collecting information such as purpose of website, target audience, goal to achieve, and end users browsing habits so on. 

Planning: Planning is one of the most important phase of website development. In this phase of website design, all you have to prepare a plan by analyzing data collected under segment one. User navigation, search engine friendly, easy to navigate web design and its compatibility across various platforms to be considered. During this phase a website designers should be consulted to get better idea of what technologies to be implemented. Some of elements such as interactive forms, ecommerce, flash and so on to be considered.

Designing: Once after planning for how a website should look by analyzing various collected information, a website designer will try to provide you with two to three different prototype design for your website in JPG format. Here all you have to do is to select one which better suits you or you can even ask for some minor changes in any of selected prototype design to start with your actual designing process.

 Development: It is this stage where actual designing and development process begins. Once after selection of prototype to work on, your website designer will start to create a functional site by first getting your home page ready, even some of elements such as interactive contact forms, flash animations or ecommerce shopping carts are all implemented at this stage. Some of may even involve in writing of XHTML / CSS code that seems to be must nowadays.

Testing: At this stage of website designing, you designer has already designed and developed your website as per your needs. Here they will try to check the functioning of various elements such as contact us form, other scripts, and ecommerce shopping carts. Further W3C validation of codes is also to done to make sure to achieve cross browser compatibility. Even testing in different web browser such as Firefox, chrome, IE and safari is to be done.

At last but not least there comes the stage of maintenance, a web designer should always make sure to regular check the functionality of entire website for utmost performance. Knowing all this will help you to better judge the work done and further will help you to get prepared for possible discussion with your designers.

As we know that popularity of Online Business is growing day by day and business owners are more focusing on dealing online? In order to deal online they need a medium to communicate with consumer and web application and internet is one of the best medium to reach global consumer, so business owner are likely to get their own website or ecommerce portal that can deal with consumer globally. And for that they can go for web services. As there mainly two options available, it can be difficult for them whether to go for website development company or to look for freelance web developer.  By selecting correct one for business will help to improve the business. Here are some pros of web application: -

1. Reduces Installation Cost

To access web application you just need to have browser and I think browser is available on all pc, so it reduces installation cost. You just need to have internet connection and that is I think one time installation by ISP.

2. Cost Effective to business

When you have physical business running you might need many things that are costly to business, such as Human Resource, Stationary, various bills to be paid and the most costly thing is various assents to be invested in business.

3. Global Presence

As it is spread over internet globally you can get good exposure to create a Brand Name of your product. But for that you need to gain Trust of the consumer and your web application design is to be visible to the market. At time you can get global presence but trust is one of the important factors to get success in online business.

4. Availability

As you know web applications are available on internet and are available 24 hours, so this is the main benefit of web application development over physical business running and even holidays doesn’t matter. You can get more business on holidays.

5. Storage

Storage of data becomes easy. You can even retrieve data more easily as and when needed from the server database. One thing you must do that is backup your database frequently. So that if some problem occurs, you can get back old data from backup.

Web Application Development are carried by web developers keeping users mind set in mind and are well designed. As it is portable you can even get your web application as mobile apps and by this medium business can be expanded.
Web Designers
As you know first impression is last impression, while you are doing business online.  Website is the first impression towards the user, so in order to create good impression your website should be effective enough to create good impression in the mind of end user. There are various points that can be considered and one point is Website Designing.

Design of a website plays vital role in creating impression, there are three stages where design can be varied.

1.       Initial Stage
2.       Development Stage
3.       Developed Stage

In initial stage when you are designing website, you can avoid several points those are not important at initial stage. You can just simply design website by your own or with the help of web designers those who have initial designing experience. In initial stage, you should not think for permanent design as there may be minor or major changes that can even lead to structure redesign. So in initial stage you can just start you business website with minimum validations.

At time business continues and developing, you need to re-design website with the growing need of your own and even of user. According to the requirement at development stage you need to re-structure your website and website design that satisfies the arose need and fulfill user requirement. In development stage you need to be very careful and must consider small to small points that must not miss while designing. At this stage you should even consider SEO friendly design with the perspective of internet marketing benefits.

At developed stage you need not have to undergo huge designing changes, but you should maintain your website in developed stage and frequently update content of website as to keep taste of people intact. So in developed stage maintenance will be a crucial part. There are various website designing company provides annual maintenance with minimal cost and maintain your website, which will handle your designing and developing aspects easily. They use different strategies to maintain website performance and enable you effective website for your business.