All those who are connected with the web in one or another way may be well aware about the importance of website design. A well designed website is always welcomed by end users and at the same time search engine crawlers finds it easy to crawl them. Looking to the ever growing importance of website design, it is must to at least gather some basic knowledge in terms of stages or process before hiring any such website designers. Knowing all this will help you to track progress of your entire website design service. Further you can get your website live much more quickly than it would otherwise.

Different segments of Website Design:               

Gathering required information: This phase of entire website design seems to be of prime importance, here design from each aspects of business should be considered, even collecting information such as purpose of website, target audience, goal to achieve, and end users browsing habits so on. 

Planning: Planning is one of the most important phase of website development. In this phase of website design, all you have to prepare a plan by analyzing data collected under segment one. User navigation, search engine friendly, easy to navigate web design and its compatibility across various platforms to be considered. During this phase a website designers should be consulted to get better idea of what technologies to be implemented. Some of elements such as interactive forms, ecommerce, flash and so on to be considered.

Designing: Once after planning for how a website should look by analyzing various collected information, a website designer will try to provide you with two to three different prototype design for your website in JPG format. Here all you have to do is to select one which better suits you or you can even ask for some minor changes in any of selected prototype design to start with your actual designing process.

 Development: It is this stage where actual designing and development process begins. Once after selection of prototype to work on, your website designer will start to create a functional site by first getting your home page ready, even some of elements such as interactive contact forms, flash animations or ecommerce shopping carts are all implemented at this stage. Some of may even involve in writing of XHTML / CSS code that seems to be must nowadays.

Testing: At this stage of website designing, you designer has already designed and developed your website as per your needs. Here they will try to check the functioning of various elements such as contact us form, other scripts, and ecommerce shopping carts. Further W3C validation of codes is also to done to make sure to achieve cross browser compatibility. Even testing in different web browser such as Firefox, chrome, IE and safari is to be done.

At last but not least there comes the stage of maintenance, a web designer should always make sure to regular check the functionality of entire website for utmost performance. Knowing all this will help you to better judge the work done and further will help you to get prepared for possible discussion with your designers.

Web Designers
As you know first impression is last impression, while you are doing business online.  Website is the first impression towards the user, so in order to create good impression your website should be effective enough to create good impression in the mind of end user. There are various points that can be considered and one point is Website Designing.

Design of a website plays vital role in creating impression, there are three stages where design can be varied.

1.       Initial Stage
2.       Development Stage
3.       Developed Stage

In initial stage when you are designing website, you can avoid several points those are not important at initial stage. You can just simply design website by your own or with the help of web designers those who have initial designing experience. In initial stage, you should not think for permanent design as there may be minor or major changes that can even lead to structure redesign. So in initial stage you can just start you business website with minimum validations.

At time business continues and developing, you need to re-design website with the growing need of your own and even of user. According to the requirement at development stage you need to re-structure your website and website design that satisfies the arose need and fulfill user requirement. In development stage you need to be very careful and must consider small to small points that must not miss while designing. At this stage you should even consider SEO friendly design with the perspective of internet marketing benefits.

At developed stage you need not have to undergo huge designing changes, but you should maintain your website in developed stage and frequently update content of website as to keep taste of people intact. So in developed stage maintenance will be a crucial part. There are various website designing company provides annual maintenance with minimal cost and maintain your website, which will handle your designing and developing aspects easily. They use different strategies to maintain website performance and enable you effective website for your business.